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Why I left traditional real estate for REX

by Eric Rothman
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Prior to joining REX, I was Vice President of Sales for a traditional real estate brokerage. I recruited, trained, and managed a group of Realtors.

After spending 12 years in the insurance industry, I came into real estate with a totally different perspective compared to those who were tenured in the old real estate brokerage model.

I immediately noticed that the way the brokerages were structured favored an “agent-centric” culture. In other words, if you were to attend a training, a seminar, or a “coaching session” you’d hear a lot of sales/marketing/recruiting talk, but not much about the customers!

From my first week on the job, I knew that the structure of buying and selling residential real estate was fundamentally flawed. Lots of traditional brokerages are built on a recruiting mindset.

Looking for a career change? We’re hiring!

The more agents the better! This has created a situation where thousands of new, inexperienced agents are completing transactions with buyers and sellers. And after talking to many of those buyers and sellers, I found there is a disconnect between the service the agent provides and the price the customer pays.

In my opinion, the current model is unsustainable. If not unsustainable, then at the very least a big problem that needs a solution. So, I started searching for a company that could solve this problem. I came across REX through a banner ad that was advertising an upcoming launch.

When I learned that REX went around the MLS to sell homes using AI and machine learning, I said to myself, “This is awesome! This is exactly what buyers and sellers are looking for…I wonder if they are hiring.”

And here I am…

It is reassuring to see how fast new cities have adopted the REX platform. Homeowners from California to New York, to Texas, understand the what and the why of the REX mission! There’s been a growing frustration for buyers and sellers with the service provided by real estate agents and the fees they charge.

When they sit down with REX and learn they can sell their home with us, save thousands in commissions, and receive service from a team of dedicated licensed agents, it’s a NO BRAINER!

I believe if a company can deliver a higher quality product at a lower price than the competition, that company has the opportunity to dominate the market.

I envision the way real estate is bought and sold in the future moving towards a more digital environment. People want speed, convenience, transparency –  a streamlined system. I think real estate is changing and I’m excited that REX will play a major role in that shift.

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