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Why I Joined REX: Meet REX’s COO / CMO, by Lynley Sides

by Lynley Sides
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My first job after engineering school was, as part of a small team, launching a product line that truly changed an industry.  While electrical distribution and control could possibly be the most boring topics to chat about with friends, the product represented true disruptive innovation from our $2b business unit. The devices could be controlled and monitored digitally, performed better, and saved significant time, injuries and costs. That year we won the “Best Marketing” award for our $8.5b company and the industry’s “Product of the Year” award. 

So I got hooked, early, on the experience of using technology to change both human experiences and businesses in significant and positive ways.  An entrepreneur at heart, I soon left the corporate world to focus on founding or growing companies that are doing just that.  The ones I’ve enjoyed most include:

  • At Red Herring, my team launched the industry’s first profitable digital content products through an aggressive, iterative approach to customer acquisition (now called “growth hacking”);
  • As interim head of marketing at Responsys (now Oracle), we integrated a web analytics company and empowered Fortune 50 marketers with the first real-time, cross-channel consumer marketing tools; and
  • As co-founder and CEO of The Glue Network, we harnessed the power of social media to solve marketing problems for companies while improving lives around the world.

Then, last year I was introduced to REX’s CEO and founder, Jack Ryan, and his idea to fundamentally change the process of buying and selling homes in the same way Amazon Prime has changed shopping for consumers.  I quickly realized REX could have a more significant positive impact – on consumers, on its industry, and on the world – than all of my previous business experiences combined.

As a homeowner, I’ve had mixed experiences buying and selling homes but was never happy about the massive 5-6% commission I saw come right off the top of the sales price.  As a consumer, I’m an avid user of Amazon Prime, Uber, and Homelink, which our family uses to swap houses with delightful people in amazing places.  So the chance to create better experiences and outcomes for homebuyers and sellers in a similar way was incredibly compelling.

This concept represented true disruptive innovation that would not only benefit consumers but would change a $72b industry (6X the size of Uber’s in the US) and help many people who are in need of shelter as well.

So I dropped most everything else I was working on and have devoted the last year to building out REX’s vision.  I and the entire REX team are passionate about impacting the experiences of homebuyers and sellers in a really positive way, not just on the margins.  So please check us out and let us know what you think!

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