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What Your Latest Netflix Binge Says About Your Design Style

by Kimberly Fischer
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Every week, it seems like Netflix releases new binge-worthy shows, and we are here for it! The latest must-see TV isn’t just a necessary distraction from the pandemic, it also serves as some serious interior design inspo. From Black Mirror’s futuristic backdrops to the opulent and sophisticated Regency interiors seen in Bridgeton, we’ve rounded up Netflix’s most popular shows and are sharing some easy tips to spruce up your home and get the look seen in some of your favorites!

The Queen’s Gambit

Viewers of The Queen’s Gambit fell in love with Anya Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of chess prodigy Beth Harmon in this limited series. They also fell in love with the style of the show itself. This Cold War period piece sets itself apart with amazing costumes, set design, and décor. The show’s style has even helped inspire and popularize a new design trend known as “Grandmillenial”.

The Grandmillenial style is characterized by its “love of chintz, traditional furniture, and liberal use of pastels.” To cultivate this retro-chic look in your home, consider utilizing pattern mixing by starting with an eye-catching plaid or printed wallpaper design. Outfit your space with a mid-century couch (consider looking for inspiration at your local antique store) and spruce it up with a floral throw pillow.

Remember, earning a checkmate with this trend doesn’t have to be expensive. Browse a flea market, reupholster a thrift store gem, or DIY a piece of furniture you already own. Just don’t forget the chess board.


Set in 19th century England, season one follows Daphne Bridgerton as she makes her debut onto Regency London’s glamorous and highly competitive marriage market. Beyond the over-the-top parties and Lady Whistledown’s high society scandal sheet, it’s the interiors that have got everyone talking. Regency style, which was popular during the British Royal Court, included elegant furniture with sumptuous silks and vertically striped wallpaper, intricate wall moldings, paw-shaped feet on furniture and floral motifs.

In Bridgerton, blue is the color of choice! From the wallpaper to the furnishing accents, you’ll see pale blue and white shades throughout. This color is called “Wedgewood Blue” and is the family’s signature color, says Bridgerton production designer William Hughes-Jones. If blue isn’t your taste, any soft color shades will do to give you this same 19th Century English opulence.

Brass was another staple of the Regency style. An easy addition is to add metallic handles and embellishments in your kitchen and bathrooms. Try switching out your light fixture for an elegant chandelier or even add gold candles to give your home that Bridgerton regal effect.

You may not own a Rembrandt or have an oil painting of your family hanging on the wall; however, art is an essential element in any Regency design. Add photos in central areas, like your hallway or staircase. You can even create your own family art gallery wall and don’t forget the ornate, embellished frames and lots of gold!

Bling Empire

On Bling Empire, more is more and BIGGER is better! The reality series stars a group of fabulous LA-based socialites, described as the real-life Crazy Rich Asians. Beyond their private jets and designer duds, this group of entrepreneurs, Insta-models, and heiresses also love their mega-mansions and home furnishings to be just as over-the-top and opulent. Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, the Hollywood Regency style is a timeless mix of eras, styles, and movements mixed with ultimate luxury in mind. The upscale designs include high-shine lacquered finishes, metallics, bold colors, striking lines, and upscale fabrications with a nod to Art-Deco decadence and Mid-Century Modern practicality. 

To achieve this look, remember to keep everything in moderation. While at its core the Hollywood Regency style is all about the glitz and glam, you don’t want to end up with an outdated or overdone style you might regret a few years later. Put a modern, fresh spin to this style by accenting more classic pieces with fun metallic accessories that you can always replace later.

If you love the lacquered look, try concentrating on a smaller room like a powder room or even a piece of furniture. Designer Ana Claudia Schultz of Ana Claudia Design  suggests another way of increasing the drama with lacquered furniture without going overboard. “You can lacquer [a piece of] furniture the same color as your walls,” she recommends. “It will add depth [to your room] with its sheen.” 

Outer Banks

Maybe it’s the thrill of an adventure or the longing for a long overdue beach day (or maybe it’s just Chase Stokes aka John B), but Outer Banks had us hooked from the start! Situated on the outer banks of North Carolina, this coming-of-age, treasure hunting drama gives us all the beach feels with its abundance of Hawaiian shirts and perfect combination of comfort, yet trendy styles. According to the show’s costume designer Emmie Holmes, that was exactly the point. “Our style on Outer Banks is unique and most importantly obtainable, and that’s something that was top on my list,” says Holmes. 

The show’s relaxed, coastal vibe can easily be translated into your interior with the use of natural elements. This comes in through the furniture, often made out of wicker, rattan, or light, weathered woods, and fabrics. Rugs are generally straw, seagrass, or jute, and fabrics are simple and natural like cotton or linen. Don’t be afraid to play with a neutral color palette full of ocean hues and sun-bleached white. Injecting a few nautical-themed accents liked striped pillows and seashell art will guarantee your home has all the comfy and cool coastal interior design elements that make it a dream getaway…and who doesn’t want that?

Emily in Paris

From her enviable wardrobe to her cute apartment #WithAView, we’re dreaming of living Emily’s life from Netflix’s Emily in Paris. While you can’t exactly check out her closet in Paris right now, you can recreate her Savoir desk and give your WFH environment a très chic update.

Emily’s employer, Savoir, has a lust-worthy office space, designed accordingly to a style known as Parisian Art Deco, which flourished in the 1910s until the Second World War. With elegant details, soft colors, and a touch of Paris, no wonder why this design suits Savoir so perfectly. The style itself is so iconic that many designers are still incorporating it into their projects, whether by keeping it traditional or combining with other styles for a more eclectic look. Parisian Art Deco can be easily spotted with its use of wood herringbone floors, wall and ceiling moldings, luxe fabrications, light-colored walls with pops of bold color, statement furniture with curved lines and rounded silhouettes, graphic black & white accents, and sculptural lighting fixtures.

With these simple additions, your home office will feel like its next to the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre. Just make sure to take off your beret before your next Zoom meeting.

Black Mirror

Nothing says “home sweet home” like the dystopian future of the award-winning anthology series Black Mirror. While the show’s alternative look at reality may not always leave you warm and fuzzy inside, there are plenty of eye-catching style and design ideas that you can incorporate into your home to pay homage to this fan favorite.

Since it is an anthology series, it’s tough to pin down a favorite set piece. With every episode, we meet new characters and are transported to different unique locations. But even though the exact set pieces vary episode-to-episode, the themes and overall futuristic style remains consistent.

Consider simplicity and uniformity when adopting a Black Mirror-esque design eye. Stick to straight forward black, white and grey color combinations. If you want to add a bold statement to your space, take a chance on a piece of modern art with a warm monochromatic print. Outfit your space with furniture that provides form and function, but make sure to find at least one or two pieces that are really out of this world – A Lomme Egg Shaped Bed or a Flyte Floating Lamp, perhaps?

Just remember, the show is serious, but you don’t have to be. Have fun and add your own twist!

Article by Katie Rothman, REX

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