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What We Look for When Hiring for REX

by Eric Rothman
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Written by: Drew Smith, REX Recruiting Manager

Very few people would go out of their way to pay more for products or a service that they could receive at the same or higher quality but at a cheaper price.  REX, a tech real estate company headquartered in Austin, TX, provides a way for customers to buy and sell real estate while keeping more of their hard-earned money where it belongs: in their pockets.

You don’t have to understand an iota of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, or Data Science — all of which REX uses — to grasp the concept of spending less than you would working through a traditional brokerage.  You get it. I get it. REX gets it.

As the Recruiting Manager at REX, I spend an incredible amount of my time each day talking to candidates about our open positions.   

While each conversation takes on a life of its own, the people who are passionate about real estate, tech-savvy, and genuinely intrigued about how the two come together to evolve an industry make for the most promising candidates.

We’re actively searching for Mortgage/Real Estate Brokers, Listing/Buying Agents, Loan Officers/Processors, and more to join our team.

We’re not skipping down the block — we’re trying to sprint up a hill.  

If you’re intrigued by the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles, are able to pivot at a moment’s notice while producing quality results, a life-long learner, and have a passion to make this world a better place using your talent and experience, then there’s likely a place for you at REX; let’s try to find it.  

And, it makes no difference whether you’ve been licensed for decades, or haven’t quite memorized your recently-acquired real estate license, it’s your drive, curiosity, and desire to play a role in helping to bring the residential real estate market into the 21st century that ultimately counts.

And, we’re looking forward to exploring any opportunity to add talent to the team.

Learn more about REX and our passion to give to those in need.

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