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Selling Homes in Virtual Reality

by Eric Rothman
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Being on the cutting edge of real estate and marketing technology has been a staple of the REX formula since its inception.  

Recently, REX was featured on the front page of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal for its innovative use of 3D virtual reality home tours.

CEO Jack Ryan and VP Digital Marketing Ari Sternberg spoke in depth to the publication about how REX has partnered with Hollywood studio Legend3D to bring a $57.5 million property in Malibu to life.

Your Home In 3D

Along with filming in 3D virtual reality, REX has also sent Google Cardboard viewing goggles to hundreds of potential buyers.  Taking the virtual tour allows potential buyers from across the world to experience every detail of the property as if they were there.

Virtual Reality Home Tours

The virtual reality tour is fully engaging.  From moving flames in the fireplace to steam coming off of a kettle on the stove, viewers will feel like the home is coming to life right before their eyes.

While virtual tours have been used in real estate before, REX is changing the game by using the highest quality imagery and fully immersive walk through technology.

REX continues to lead the way as the digital alternative to the traditional real estate agent. Selling homes for an industry-low fee and providing superior marketing services helps REX sell homes faster than competitors.  

On average, sellers who use REX have netted $25,000 more than they would have if they paid a traditional real estate agent fee.

Find out how REX is using 3D virtual reality tours to sell homes in the full San Fernando Business Journal article.

Want to see the Malibu mansion for yourself?  Take a look!

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