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From the Desk of…Tyson Duncan

by Eric Rothman
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“From the Desk of…” is a blog series that details the work of individual REX team members.

These are first-person posts created to pull back the curtain on what it’s like to work at REX. Today’s post is from Tyson Duncan, Sr. Software Engineer.

I love working for start-ups. Specifically, I love being part of a startup’s genesis story. For quite some time I was the only member of the engineering team that worked remotely, and that made me a bit of an outsider to REX’s story.

When I was first asked to participate in the “From the Desk” series, I was faced with the dilemma of telling my story from the perspective of a participant or someone that could see REX accomplishing goals from a distance.

I think you have to tell a little of both to really see things from my perspective.

My REXperience starts almost at the beginning, when there was an office without running water, when the sales pitch was a little longer, and when we huddled around a personal laptop to do our daily team meeting.

REX was 3 months old and by my count I was employee #7. By the time I started, the team had already accomplished quite a bit.

We had a compelling business mission and a real social mission that helped people in need.

My part of our mission was to help create the software platform that enabled buyers and sellers to buy and sell homes, and on May of 2015 that platform went live.

My current mission at REX continues to be to create that platform and support our staff, but it has also evolved into so many new areas including: artificial intelligence, micro-services, big data, cloud services, and mentoring newer staff members.

I feel like I’ve learned more during the time I’ve spent at REX than almost anywhere else I’ve worked. As someone in a technical field, it’s really important to stay current, and every day there are new things and people that push the envelope.

I also see others growing, accepting new challenges, and continuing to accomplish new things.

At REX there’s a mantra, “Fast, Fast, Fast,” and that doesn’t mean we just move quickly; it means that we learn fast, fail fast, and get to the right answer as a team in the least amount of time.

Looking toward REX’s horizons, I’m happy to see there’s no lack of challenges. We are tackling seriously hard problems. We are taking on an industry that’s entrenched.

For me this means that I’ll be thinking outside the box, solving problems at a scale not previously attempted, and honing my craft to the sharpest edge possible. We’re hiring people that are literally the best in the world, and being able to work somewhere

I can learn and succeed with the best is a very exciting place. Not only are we hiring the best, our board and investor list is second to none.

It seems to me that there’s really no way to disrupt an industry without both amazing leadership and amazing executors.

Even though we have amazing-this, impressive-that, and piles of complicated puzzles to solve, we still have fun. Jack, our CEO, appreciates a good prank, and I’m positive there have been nerf wars.

We enjoy hanging out with one another, and you can see the camaraderie when we all cram into the back room to eat lunch together on a Friday. We treat each other respectfully.

What has most impressed me at REX are the moments when individual team members have acted with integrity, protected one another, helped out an exhausted team member, and came to the aid of teammates facing challenges like moving across the country.

It feels good to work with a team that works hard, has fun, and has one another’s back.

I’m proud to be a REXer!


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