Have you seen the fine print about the Redfin fee? 

There are plenty of real estate brokers out there that advertise low commissions for sellers. But before you sell a home, make sure you read the fine print. Take Redfin, for instance. Redfin advertises a 1% -2% seller commission (they call it a “listing fee”), but unlike REX, Redfin seller’s are also responsible for paying the buy side agent commission, because the houses are listed in the MLS. This means that most Redfin sellers end up paying 3.5%-5% in commissions. REX charges a 2% total fee.

REX lists and markets homes outside of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), targeting buyers directly by using big data and artificial intelligence, so you sell faster, with a licensed agent and much lower fees. Best yet, customers love the five-star service they get with REX. Take a look at the amazing Zillow rating REX has compared to Redfin reviews.

What you get with REX

Full service
With REX you get a dedicated licensed REX agent who will help price your home, provide a complimentary professional photoshoot, host showings and open houses, and everything else you need up through the sale of your house.

Your home everywhere
Our marketing team will use big data, artificial intelligence and advanced digital marketing to identify qualified buyers across a broad range of targeted channels like Zillow, Trulia, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, as well as in print.

Save thousands in commission
If you sell your home using a traditional agent, commissions range between 5% and 6%. If you sell with REX, the total fee is 2%which is 70% lower than typical real estate commissions. REX is a state-licensed, full-service real estate brokerage that combines service and technology to sell homes faster and save homeowners thousands of dollars.

What you don’t get with REX

Buyer’s agent commissions
Discount brokers like Redfin advertise a 1-2% commission, but what they don’t tell you is that sellers are still responsible for paying the buy side agent commission. This usually ads another 2.5-3% in seller fees. With REX, since we operate outside the MLS, we are not obligated to compensate buyer’s agents. So, you get charged only 2% total.

MLS Listing
The MLS gets your home exposed to agents and contractually obligates you to pay commision to buyer’s agents. For over 2 years, REX has sold home faster by going around the MLS and marketing directly to buyers.

6 month contracts
Most brokers require a 6-month listing agreement. REX is so confident that we will sell your home quickly, our contracts are only 4 months, giving you more flexibility.


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posted by Eric Rothman

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