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Top 7 Modern Home Office Designs

by Eric Rothman
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The art of designing the perfect home office space is easier than one might think. This year’s top modern home office design styles are simple to achieve with the right inspiration. More individuals are working from home at least on a part-time basis.

Others are students that need a space to study that fits their smaller dorm or apartment without feeling cramped. Here are some wonderful home office design trends straight from the top home interior design and office specialists that everyone should certainly consider before determining how to create that perfect home office nook, room or other home space.

It’s All About the Desk

To create a home office space that is right for your needs, it is important to carefully consider which type of desk would enhance and suit your home office needs and storage requirements.

More leading home designers are incorporating intriguing desk styles and models into the existing home interior design style.

The ideal desk will seamlessly blend with the surrounding decor, and it should promote productivity of the user.

Some terrific home office desk ideas include using a wooden table tucked into a corner of your living room. Pick a desk style that can also double as a table. A simple wooden desk that is square can make an outstanding home office desk.

Set it close to a window or glass balcony or patio doors to take advantage of the tranquil nature scene outside the windows. Nature-inspired rooms are known to promote thoughtful thinking that is ideal for home office users.

Great Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Many individuals simply do not have the necessary room to have a home office. There are some clever tricks to get the office space you need without it requiring a huge space.

Leading interior design experts are making good use of those underestimated and underused areas like under the staircase, tucked into hallways or integrated into a kitchen or bedroom space.

To make this idea work, it is necessary to choose the right item that will double as a cool desk space. Think vintage roll top desk or fabulous antique table in a hallway. Have a comfortable chair sitting beside it.

The user needs only to open up the desk and pull in the chair for an instant home office that disappears into a stylish vintage statement piece when not in use.

Use Shelving to Create That Ideal Work Area

Other small office ideas for those tinier spaces include built-in shelves and a narrow desk tucked into a smaller bedroom corner or kitchen alcove. If possible, the person can install built-in shelving that hides away behind doors and situated neatly into a little-used corner.

Adding glass like mirrors or using natural light from a skylight can keep the space bright and cheery.

Hide Away Clutter With Recessed Shelving and/or Doors

It is a cinch to create a splendid looking and still practical for work use desk area in forgotten places. Consider opening up a bedroom closet, utilizing the unused space beneath a set of stairs or use room panels to divide off the work area from the main room or space.

There are scores of attractive divider panels that can be decorated with an Asian inspired design and used as a convenient pegboard with storage shelves and containers on the side facing the desk area.

Keeping Work Clutter at Bay

A work area that is cluttered with too many items can reduce work productivity and can be detrimental to studying.

Having an organized workspace offers the user increased serene feelings and less anxiety than a space littered with papers, books, office supplies, and other materials often promotes.

Using the Asian Art of Feng-Shui for Your Home Office Design

Asian cultures have long used techniques that are thought to reduce anxiety and adverse feeling by implementing a strategic design art like Feng Shui into the home office space.

This tradition has been used for many generations. The basic premise of this design style is keeping each room or space balanced and neat.

Clutter is detrimental to this process, and this design option is easy to implement with a minimum amount of effort or expense.

Think Outside the Box for Your Home Office Work Space

If your home doesn’t immediately inspire a spot ideal for your workplace, try thinking outside the box for creative use of your interior living spaces. Make use of less-used rooms and spaces.

A baby nursery could have an area walled off with partitions or tucked into a corner that could be used as a desk and office area.

Use floor to ceiling shelving for increased storage space for work supplies. Other areas that could work are garage workrooms, spare bedroom desk and shelving spaces, sunrooms or dining area spaces.

Use Unconventional Materials for Office Furnishings and Storage Spots

Making use of unconventional materials for office furnishings and customized storage spots is one way to get an office space without spending a lot of money, time or effort.

A wooden door could be placed on two sawhorses or atop items like barrels, tables or other selection to be used as a desk and/or workspace.

Older wardrobes or entertainment centers can both be transformed easily into workspaces when needed.

These will have hideaway doors to keep things hidden when the area is not being used. Many antique-styled desks have roll down storage options as well.

Use pegboards, bulletin boards and recessed shelving to create a functional storage space that requires little room.

With a bit of thought and creativity, your dream office could be closer than you think.

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