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Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Next Tech Job Interview

by Eric Rothman
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Looking for a job in tech? Have a big interview coming up? Our friends at BuiltinLA sat down with hiring managers from 3 LA tech firms do discuss ways to ace a tech interview. REX VP of Engineering and AI, Andy Barkett gave some great tips. Make sure to check out the full article!

How early should a candidate arrive for an interview?
There’s a fine line between being too early and being right on time. If you show up too early, you run the risk of putting pressure on the interviewer to rush through whatever it is they may be wrapped up in at that moment. 10 minutes early is the perfect time to check-in.

Describe the appropriate dress attire?
At REX, we have “dress up Mondays” and “REX-wear Fridays” where we sport our REX T-shirts or other gear. During the week, we’re always polished. Think about it this way: it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed when meeting your future employer for the first time.

What materials should the interviewee bring with them?
Bringing a copy of your resume shows that you’re looking to make a great first impression. It’s one acceptable physical item you can always leave behind, and if you don’t want the interviewer to remember you, why are you applying for the job?

What’s one thing you wished more interviewees would do prior to, during, or after the interview?
I wish more candidates would practice their answers to the questions they anticipate me asking. If you’re qualified, prove it by communicating eloquently.

What’s one behavior that you consider to be a red flag in an interview?
Any hint of a negative attitude. At REX, we only want to hire team players — negativity shows that you might have a problem taking ownership in your role.

What is one sure-fire way to leave you impressed?
REX is a unique place. We’re unlike other tech firms in that we’re both a real estate company and a tech company, so we’re impressed by people who get what it is that we do.

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