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The Customer Experience: REX offers attentive service to clients

by Heather Warthen
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When 2020 began, Ricardo Becerra knew the new year would be filled with plenty of changes. He and his wife started off the new year searching for a new home in Southern California where the couple’s 7 1/2-year-old son would be able to have a better educational experience. The couple also knew that they needed a larger home, as they had outgrown their Simi Valley home.

Having the right services for his son’s education was important to Becerra.

“We also looked into private schools, but they didn’t offer those resources,” he said.

Becerra had heard about REX through work as his company is an advertising partner.

“Because of that reason I also knew about the different programs they [REX] offer,” he said.

In addition to buying or selling a home, REX offers a variety of services including mortgage through REX Home Loans, home insurance through REX Insurance, home warranty, escrow, title, storage and moving. 

Looking for a quick and efficient solution to purchase a home, Becerra reached out to REX. He said this was not the first time he had completed a real estate transaction, but it had been several years since he last went through the process. When it came to utilizing REX and its one-stop shop of services versus working with a more traditional real estate agent and contacting a variety of services – insurance, mortgage, etc. – individually, Becerra said REX was the way to go.

“There is no comparison – even though the other person that I worked with in the past, she wasn’t bad, but I’ll tell you also the experience of working with Kara [Birkenstock] and the rest of the team, too, because they helped me with other services, too,” he said. 

Becerra said his wife knew what she wanted in the home and they went right to work, visiting approximately 7-10 homes. They even submitted a couple offers, but with the market heating up, Becerra said they weren’t accepted. They asked to see additional homes and Becerra said they never heard the word “no.’”

“They never said ‘no,’” he said. “It was ‘Yup, whatever you want.’ Mike [MacBeane] was always on time for showings and super professional. Kara and Mike were great.”

As the coronavirus pandemic hit, Becerra said their search came to a stop for a bit. But as things began to open up again, they resumed looking for the perfect home.

“We wanted to make a move before the new school year so my son could start in a different school,” he said. “We began touring houses and starting the process again. They were there for me.”

When it came to searching for homes, Becerra said he did a little bit of everything.

“I downloaded the REX app and checked the website quite often,” he said. “I’d go in there every time I could. I also went to Zillow and then even on the weekends, we’d drive around neighborhoods that we liked, just to see if there were any listings on a house we wanted to see.”

Finally, in late July, the Becerra family closed on their new Moorpark home – just in time for the new school year.

Becerra was also able to take advantage of the AllHomes Cash Back by REX, where he received more than $13,500 in credits. They also used REX Home Loans and REX Insurance, as well as used REX Home Services for a flooring quote.

“That savings helped me to pay for moving services and replace the carpet for the house,” said Becerra, adding he also was able to purchase a few appliances and paint the house with the savings. “It was a significant amount of money that we saved. Even though I also just used some of those savings for what I just told you, I still was able to save some money.”

Convenience and efficient, customer-focused service is what Becerra said made the experience a positive one.

“I’m usually super busy during the week because of the kind of work I do, so one person and one phone line to call in for all services was excellent,” he said. “Every time I had a question, I would get an answer within a day at the most, if not within a couple of hours. They were super responsive every time I needed to find out something.”

And even though Becerra had gone through the real estate transaction process before, he found this time was much easier.

“It’s a great experience they provide, great customer service, a one-stop shop,” he said. “Instead of finding out what the next step is for you, you will save a lot of headaches working with this company because they are always one step ahead of you.”

Becerra said due to his busy schedule, having someone there through the process to remind him of what’s coming next was a relief.

“It was a great experience and not because of the relationship I have with the company, but I think the easiest real estate transaction I have made,” Becerra said. 

Editor’s Note: Ricardo Becerra is an employee at Ad Leverage, a marketing and ad partner of REX Homes.

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