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The Best Technology for New Times

by Craig Barrett
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REX was born out of a desire to help consumers save money and one of our key tools has always been technology. That technology can be used not only to help you buy and sell homes but also to keep you and your family safe during the process. Here are a few of the initiatives we are rolling out this week to support you: 

For Sellers

  • Flexible Showing Options — In addition to regular showings, you can now specify virtual showing options for your home: A REX agent can come to your home and give tours to buyers via video call or a REX agent can use pre-recorded video of your home to do virtual showings with buyers.
  • Virtual open houses We are now offering live “Virtual Open Houses” for select listings where buyers can tour the home remotely during a set time window. The buyers can ask questions or get detailed views just like an on-site visit without the headaches of crowds in your home. 
  • Contactless Listings – REX is the only company in the world offering you the ability to list your home without requiring a face-to-face meeting. Our expert agents can meet with you using video conference tools and offer you all the same support and guidance without social distancing concerns. 
  • Reduced Contact – We are reducing the number of times our support team will visit your home by coordinating with agents and photographers to reduce exposure.

Right now is a great time to buy a home with REX. With exceptionally low-interest rates and a reduced number of buyers in the market, now can be the perfect time to find your next home. We are committed to your safety during that process so here are the new technologies for buyers.

For Buyers

  • Virtual REX Tours — If you prefer, we can have our agents give you a guided virtual tour of any of our homes. No need to leave your couch or find a babysitter, our agent will travel so you don’t have to. Ask any questions you want to live during the tour – we are here to help
  • Virtual Non-REX Tours — You are not limited to REX homes. With AllHomes Cash Back by REX, our agents can give you a virtual tour of any home for sale and of course, you still get our industry-leading rebate program. 
  • Digital Purchase Tools — Our industry-leading technology allows us to streamline and simplify the purchase process. In most locations that means no visits to title agencies or other offices during the purchase. 
  • Simplified Services — From Escrow to Mortgage, in most markets, we can complete all your services right from your phone. No painful in-person meetings to sit through.

We are always improving, but we want you to know that we are here for you now, and always.

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