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Technology Tools Changing Real Estate

by Eric Rothman
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At its core, real estate is about something very old fashioned, the buying and selling of property between parties. Where times have changed, however, is in the tools that are available to make that buying and selling smoother and more efficient.

REX uses its technology platform to connect homebuyers and sellers to one another without unnecessary interference from agents. But that’s not the only way REX is changing the real estate process. Read on for two more approaches that put REX at the front of the real estate pack.

Big Data Analytics

The Internet is a treasure-trove of information, but unless you know how to crunch those numbers and read and analyze the data, none of it does much good.

That’s where big data and analytics come together. The first—big data—is just that, huge stores of data that are kept in “the cloud.” Analytics is the process of looking for unexpected patterns within the data set that might not be visible in smaller sets of information.

For real estate this means that property information and user behaviors can be analyzed from a variety of angles to help homebuyers and sellers connect online.

eSignature and Transaction Management

Picture a house closing and most people imagine paging through endless piles of documents, signing here, initialing there. It doesn’t have to be that way, at least not at REX where the document process has been simplified.

Through its online tools, REX allows users to manage their transactions virtually, including signing all documents via eSignature. That means you have access to the relevant documents, anytime, anywhere from a device of your choosing.

Yes, at REX, you can conduct your house closing on the beach in Maui if you so choose.

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