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Simplifying Mortgages with REX Home Loans

by Eric Rothman
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We say it time and time again. Buying and selling a home shouldn’t be a process you dread. Once you have found your dream home with REX, why should you have to run around trying to find a great mortgage broker?

Why can’t you get pre-qualified for a mortgage the moment you want to put an offer on a house?

Well, now you can with REX Home Loans. Low rates, fast closes, and brokers without a commission…doesn’t get much better than that. Before going elsewhere to look for a home loan, here’s what you should know about REX Home Loans..

No prequalification. No problem.

REX Home Loans makes it easy. Once you are ready to submit your offer, you can fill out our prequalification application. All it takes is 10 minutes!

Make sure your offer is as strong as it can be by having your pre-approval ready to go – giving confidence to both you and the seller. 

It’s the most efficient way for you to bridge the gap between accepted offer and loan approval.

Close in 21 days, or sooner.

Did you know that it takes 46 days on average to close a home in the U.S.? Well, REX is bringing the average down by closing within 21 days. Sellers love when buyers come in with a strong offer and a quick close. REX can help with both.

Low-interest rates and funding options tailored to you.

REX Home Loans can help you get a competitive rate on your loan. The goal of REX Home Loans is to provide a new gold standard service for mortgages. You shouldn’t have to fight through red tape and wait months just to get approved for a loan.

We do the heavy lifting, so you can get into your dream home faster.

Brokers without commissions.

REX Real Estate agents don’t work for a commission, so why should REX Home Loans advisors? Our advisors are evaluated based on customer satisfaction, not the bottom line.

It’s customer-centric service with less hounding. All from a partner that you can trust.

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