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Savvy Sellers Know These 5 Answers

by Lynley Sides
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Prospective homebuyers want to know more about your home than how much it costs and when it was built.

Savvy buyers will have a lot of questions before they make an offer on your property, and it’s best for those who want to sell to know the answers to those questions long before the first showing process takes place.

1. When was everything installed and where are the warranties? As the person looking to sell your home, you’ll need to know installation dates and where the warranties stand on your roof, furnace, central heat and air system, and hot water heater.

2. How old are your appliances and where are the operating manuals hiding? You won’t want to cause concern when you can’t remember how old your stove is (yikes, it must be really old) or when you replaced the refrigerator. Find them and place them in a binder for safekeeping.

3. What paint colors, tile type, or wallpaper brands did you use? It may not make or break a sale if you don’t know the hue on your walls or the type of tile in the bathroom, but it will definitely impress a buyer if you’re that well prepared.

4. What is your average monthly bill for heating and cooling, electricity, and gas? Prospective home buyers aren’t just looking at how much their mortgage will cost them, they also want to know their monthly output to heat and cool the home and what the cost of electricity, gas and even cable will be.

5. How much will it cost to replace anything that looks old or is on its last leg? Once you’ve entered the contract stage, buyers will have the home inspected, so there’s no hiding what needs to be fixed.

It’s better to know before you go into the negotiation phase how much that new roof will cost, or have a quote on a replacement boiler–that way you’ll know if what your buyer is negotiating is reasonable.

In fact, it’s often recommended that sellers have their own home inspected before putting it up for sale so there are no last-minute surprises.

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