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REX Success Story – Yolanda A.

by Eric Rothman
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Buying and selling a home shouldn’t be an experience you dread. While saving our clients money is important, we are just as concerned with ensuring a great experience. Yolanda recently sold her home with REX and sat down to talk about her experience…


What I liked the most about dealing with REX was, well, given that this was my first home, I didn’t really know where to begin or what to do.

It was really comforting to know that I had an expert in every aspect of the process. The initial appeal in choosing REX was definitely being able to save money. When my cousin told me that it was only a 2% commission and that I’d be saving thousands of dollars, it was an easy decision.

It took REX a matter of hours to get the first offer, and within 24 hours, we had multiple offers and had selected one. I saved roughly $16,000 through using REX as my agent.

With that, I was able to put it towards the purchase of a new home. I would definitely recommend REX to friends and… I have already recommended REX to friends and family.

Anybody that’s told me that they’re thinking about selling, you should really look into this. It’s a really great deal.

You’ll get to save a lot of your money, and you’ll work with great people.

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