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REX Success Story: Tom & Casi

by Eric Rothman
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Selling your home shouldn’t be an experience you dread. While saving our clients money is important, we are just as concerned with ensuring a great experience.

The hard work and dedication of REX employees are often highlighted by glowing reviews and letters of appreciation.

Below is one such review from Los Angeles seller’s Tom and Casi …

Three years ago, my wife and I bought a second home through a traditional real estate broker. The deal went well but we found ourselves using the Internet for a lot of the research.

So, when the time came to sell our primary home, the REX business model seemed like the way to go. We were not wrong.

Everyone we dealt with at REX was friendly, helpful, personable, and professional.

From Mike, to Danielle, to Christina, they each repeatedly demonstrated a real commitment to not only selling our home but helping us get the price we wanted.

That brings me to our Sales Manager, Steve Dawson. For reasons that have nothing to do with REX, the negotiations were difficult.

We could not have been in better hands. Steve was calm, deliberate, reassuring, and professional. In the end, the deal got done and our house sold at a price we were extremely happy with.

We could not be more pleased with our REX experience.

-Tom and Casi

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