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by Craig Barrett
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Roy M. talks about selling his home in Los Angeles with REX.


Roy M. :
I remember hearing an ad on the radio for REX and remembering the ad talking about REX being one of the first type of realtor that used this informational technology. I thought I’d give it a try. They were the first company that I called. To be honest, there were three other companies I was going to call, but the first appointment went so well that we decided to go with REX right there on the spot.

Roy M. :
Once our house was listed, we got a offer right away. I don’t think it took more than a month for it to go from posting it on the REX website to actually accepting the offer. Our agent made it real simple for us. He basically, whenever he got a request to show the house, he would text me. I would let him know what day and time worked for us and I didn’t even have to be there.

Roy M. :
I saved about roughly $21,000 by using REX. Quick and simple, like I’ve said before. And I would do it again. My advice to anyone who’s looking to sell a home would be to use REX because they just make it easy, quick, and the service was great. I would advise anyone that’s selling or looking to buy a home to use REX.

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