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REX Guest Book – Scott McNealy

by Eric Rothman
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The REX Guest Book is starting to fill up with some very special names! The first guest for an open forum was Sun Microsystems Co-Founder Scott McNealy.

The REX team was able to sit down over the course of two days with McNealy to pick his brain and show him what REX is accomplishing.

You can see the entire conversation with Scott on the REX YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for more VIP guests coming soon!


Scott McNealy:
… Sun Microsystems became big, famous and huge that if I screwed it up then, I would have been all over every TV show, every magazine, every… I’d have been cover boy again like, “Look daddy, I shrunk the company.” Kind of a movie would be made on it. So that’s when it gets risky.

So don’t act like it’s risky. Just go for it and be creative, try the different ideas, do AB testing on everything, but do a lot of experiments. Google did not start going, “We’re going to sell every word to the highest bidder every day.” They just started to do a search engine and then came up with a business model.

Scott McNealy:
And you guys are on that. And I would also tell you, keep your eyes out for Amazon who started off selling books. Think about it. And there are ways to grow what you’re doing here.

Uber is not a cab replacement is a logistics company. And if you think about your business and what the core capabilities are, you might be surprised at what you can create.

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