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REX Guest Book – Amit Singhal

by Eric Rothman
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Another amazing speaker stopped by the REX home office. Former Senior Vice President of Google, Amit Singhal, explained what he learned from his time there.

You can see the full speech at the REX YouTube channel.


Amit Singhal:
Well, so the last thing I did at Google before leaving was term search into a mobile product. Okay? Search was designed for desktop whereas the world had gone mobile.

Okay? Desktop is a typed product. Mobile is a tapped product. How do you build something? How do you change something that has been built on a typed, long form reading product to a tapped, give me my tweet size information, get the hell out. Right?

Amit Singhal:
That could have been the death for Google because by definition it was you type three or four words and then you get 10 or 15 articles to read and you spend time reading.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Okay? So, basically this is something where we saw that trend. That’s all we saw. We didn’t know what that… This was edge of discomfort. I don’t know how that…

Because word is, give me three words, I’ll give you 15 webpages product to tap a few things and you’ll get what you want and that edge of discomfort changed into building a product that says, “What’s the population of LA?” Okay. 3.929 billion.

Okay? You didn’t have to type nothing and you didn’t have to read 10 pages. Okay? It’s just that was the edge of discomfort and then you let creative people create and get out of the way.

Today, half of Google searches research on something like this, which you can just consume right away, shorter than a tweet.

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