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REX Giving “Realtors a Run for their Money”

by Eric Rothman
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REX was featured recently by MarketWatch as a “tech-savvy upstart who thinks they can finally give Realtors a run for their money.” An excerpt from the piece is below. You can read the full article, written by Andrea Riquier, here

Another newish player, REX, offers what it calls a “full service, low fee” approach. As an alternative to that uncomfortable conversation, the Los Angeles-based REX will provide one of its own on-staff, salaried brokers to any buyer.

‘We never ask anyone to go without representation,” REX spokesman Eric Rothman said. REX has been around since 2015 and is currently raising a Series C round of funding.

REX also differs from ShowPal in that it “Uber-izes,” in Rothman’s words, the showing process.

Showing requests go out to a pool of real estate agents who’ve agreed to work on a fee-for-service basis, and the first agent to respond gets to do the visit and collect the fee.

REX also avoids the MLS altogether, relying not just on listing aggregators like Zillow, and Trulia, but on direct Google searches as well.

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