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REX Donates Three Homes for Families in Need

by Eric Rothman
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Today, REX and its non-profit partner World Housing, announced plans to build three new homes for displaced families in Mirador de Corinto, a commune of Soacha, near Bogotá, Colombia.

This donation is part of the company’s larger social mission to provide homes for families in dire need — for every 50 homes sold through the platform, REX pledges to build one in a Third World country.

“A new home can make a world of difference for families trying to overcome poverty,” said REX Co-Founder and CEO, Jack Ryan. “REX was founded to address the issue of global homelessness and economic inequality, primarily centered on how it affects children.”

Many of the families living in the slums of the southern district of Bogotá are victims of displacement resulting from the country’s long lasting civil war. Life is extremely difficult and they struggle to keep roofs over their heads.

The homes REX provides are constructed from steel and are estimated to last more than 20 years with regular maintenance.

By building stable homes, REX is helping families in this area to provide their children with a more peaceful and safe environment in which to go to school and continue their education.

Meet the Families

REX home recipients Paulina Cruz and Ramiro Zambrano, live with their three children, Brayan, Johan, and Paola. Paulina is unable to work due to her asthma — which has worsened due to the humidity near Bogotá, Colombia. Ramiro, the sole family provider, works in construction. With this house, REX is providing a greater sense of safety for the family as well as a dry place to live.

Jose Luis Coronado, construction worker and 10-year resident of Ciudad Bolivar, lives with his two soccer-loving children, Holman Arley and Steven.

With a new home from REX, Jose Luis and his family can relax, comfortably spend time together, and make plans to improve the home over time.

Luz Helena Castro and her husband Jaime Huertas, live in Ciudad Bolivar and have been cemetery tombstone-makers for three decades.

While they can afford to pay their rent, they’d like to provide a better life for their two children, Angie Daniela and Darvinson.

The children attend school and love to play basketball, read, and study English. With a new home from REX, the Castro family expects to be able to put money aside to renovate their home with a kitchen and bathroom.

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