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REX completes third donated home in Cambodia

by Eric Rothman
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One of the main pillars of the REX corporate social responsibility mission is promoting and participating in social good around the world.

For every 50 homes REX sells, a home is donated to a family who does not have one.

Today, another family is living in a new home thanks to REX and their partners at World Housing and the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

This is the story of the recipient of REX’s third donated home, Oem Vy.

Oem Vy is a 40 year-old single-mother of two, and a factory worker in Cambodia.

Sadly, Oem’s husband passed away two years ago from a serious illness.

After he passed, Vy’s family had few options and were forced to move to a rental home in Trea Village, Phnom Penh.

As a single earner, Vy struggled to support her family, including paying for her children to attend school.

In 2013 the family’s home caught on fire, burning everything they owned. Vy didn’t have the money to pay for a new home and was out of options.

Not knowing where to go, she was introduced to World Housing via the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Through the support of these REX partners, her family received a REX donated home in Reussey Village, Phnom Penh. Oem and her family are now thriving. Her children now have access to local community nutrition programs, education and healthcare.

Oem says her favorite part of living in The World Housing community is having a safe place to raise her children. Oems is saving her money to open her own business one day.

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