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REX Continues Building Homes For Families in Need

by Eric Rothman
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REX’s mission to help provide homes to families in need continues strong as we announce our second donation!

The Stung Meanchey garbage dump in Cambodia, which closed 7 years ago, was once a notorious symbol of poverty in the developing world.

Children sifted through waste for recyclables and the dump became a working ground for scavengers.

The dump is still there and has slowly composted down, grass and bushes growing in between biodegradable trash.

The work of aid organizations in the area has been expanding ever since to help the people who relied on the dump for their income.

One of the largest organizations supporting the effort in Stung Meanchey is Cambodian Children’s Fund. Following the dump’s closure, many were left desperate for basic needs. CCF expanded the resources and training it provided to fill the void.

Then they began building housing on the scrubland around the old dump – more than 200 are already occupied by CCF families. In 2016 we achieved our first benchmark of selling 20 homes for consumers here in the US. We donated our first home to a deserving family in this same community.

CCF’s latest project is a new building site where 34 homes will be built between now and April 2017. REX has funded the construction costs for one of these homes as part of the important mission our company was founded on. We believe that as we grow, we should invest in providing the simple necessity of a home to those in greatest need.

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Every REX home sold helps build a home for people in need

From day one, REX has been committed to doing good things for real estate consumers and to providing homes for those in the greatest need, wherever they may be.

For every 20 homes we sell, we provide a home for a family in need. In addition to funding homes, the REX team regularly provides hands-on support to local nonprofits that provide shelter to families.

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