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Remodeling a Room on a Budget

by Craig Barrett
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Whether you’re buying or selling, you know the value of a well-decorated, well-laid out room. When everything is put together, you feel more put-together. And that’s a valuable thing indeed.

A Coat of Paint

Hello, Mr. Obvious. Paint is the cheapest option that you can possibly find that has the most payoff in the end. If your room is any older than a few years, the walls will already be showing signs of wear and tear.  

To really take your paint job to the next level, do a little bit of studying about color psychology. Depending on what room you’re renovating, you likely want different vibe for each one. A bathroom and a bedroom are going for more relaxing vibes, while you might like more vibrant hues in a kitchen or a living room.

Blue has been shown to trigger feelings of relaxation and concentration in the brain. Yellow departs optimism and happiness. Use moods like these according to the theme you’re trying to achieve. We have a handful of other painting tips here.

Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Take a hard look at your bedroom, and you might realize that it’s not the optimal place to get some rest. The most important thing in a bedroom? A bed. 

You might be losing sleep in your bedroom and can’t figure out why. What you might not realize is that it could actually be your bed causing you to toss and turn. Getting a new bed is a budget move that will let you rest easy at night. Once you’ve remodeled your mattress, get a new sheet and comforter set that matches the rest of your room. Having a bed that’s well-put together transforms the entire look of the room.

Window to the World

In any room that you can add a window to – do it. Adding one window to a room of your house can make all the difference in the world. The lighting of a room is a huge factor in creating an inviting atmosphere, and natural light achieves that the most effective. If you have a little bit of a higher budget, you can talk to a designer about adding a skylight.

If you can’t open up a window in the room you’re focusing on, find soft lighting that mimics natural light. Good lighting in places where you’re doing tasks is not only uplifting, it’s practical.

Step Up the Storage

Nothing wrecks a room like a lot of clutter. Storage is getting more and more creative, so there are no longer any excuses for not having room for your items.

If you think you’ve run out of space, you can create vertical storage in your room. Adding more shelves can up the look of a room in a single step, or getting more cabinet space to hide all the things that have been hanging around and making your space look messy. Try adding drawers under sinks, installing pull-out storage in cabinets, or using floating shelves.

Each and every room in your house is important. Focus on one at a time, so you’re not overwhelmed. When you do things in small sections at a time, you’ll realize that you really can get your home looking great, on a budget.

Written by Julie Ferrell

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