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The New American Suburb: Diverse, Dense, and Booming

by Eric Rothman
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The suburbs are changing. Once we thought of them as sprawling areas catering to families with planned communities, large chain stores and new parks. The article below predicts that we’re about to see those suburbs change.

According to the report cited from John Burns Real Estate Consulting for the Urban Land Institute (ULI), “Millennials will begin to form households in masse, millions of Baby Boomers will retire and seek out multi-generational neighborhoods, and immigration will continue to grow and evolve.”

But does this mean the existing suburbs are becoming cities and the new suburbs are just getting farther out? Read for yourself.

The new American suburb: diverse, dense, and booming

A new report forecasts a coming growth spurt that will reshape suburban living
By Patrick Sisson @FREQRESPONSE

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