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From the Desk of…Kindra Liang

by Eric Rothman
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As a college student at Pepperdine University nearing graduation and entrance into the “real world,” I am excited and slightly terrified for what the future holds. However, I’ve had the opportunity to see a glimpse into a possible career path as an intern at REX.

I stumbled across REX in my haste to find an internship for this past summer. My previous perspective of residential real estate was based on how I saw my parents’ work as traditional agents – somewhat boring. 

REX, nonetheless, caught my eye with its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to disrupt the real estate industry. This transformed my perspective of residential real estate and led me to see it in a new way – it can be exciting and fascinating!

Upon reading about the company, REX’s social mission immediately drew me in. I admired its socially responsible mission to build one home for a family in need in Cambodia for every 40 homes it sells.

At first glance, REX appeared to be a leader in the revolution of real estate as well as a driven company founded on a passion with a purpose. This view of REX has continually strengthened since I joined the team seven months ago.

On my first day, I made sure to come in ready to hit the ground running in order to keep up with the highly adaptive “fast, fast, fast” culture.

During my time at REX, I transitioned from driving hiring efforts to supporting content marketing endeavors through social media engagement. I have enjoyed both working to find the highest quality candidates to join the REX team as well as promoting our homes on the company’s Instagram.

Even as an intern, I have had the opportunity to make a difference in the company and see my contributions come to fruition. Being a REX intern has allowed me to further cultivate my problem-solving and creativity skills.

My experience at REX has also fortified the value that I place on working for a company that lives out a strong passion. I am beyond thankful to be surrounded by a talented team of people who encourage my professional and personal growth every day.

All departments are highly integrated, which contributes to building the team-oriented culture. Everyone at REX is willing to put in the work to enhance the homebuying and selling process for its customers.

I joined the REX team for its innovative, game-changing mission to improve the lives of homebuyers and sellers. But it is the company’s culture and the inspiring motivation in every team member to challenge themselves to fulfill that mission that has kept me here.

REX has taken the initiative to transform the real estate industry and I’m excited to be a part of the team that is leading this positive change.

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