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Marketing that’s more than Buzzwords

by Eric Rothman
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REX VP, Digital Marketing Ari Sternberg has over 15 years of marketing and product leadership experience.

Throughout the course of his career, Ari has been on the cutting edge of the digital marketing revolution.

At REX, Ari is driving the new way homes are being bought and sold. This post, written by Ari, is a snippet of how that is being accomplished. 

Over the past few years, REX has proven that we can sell residential real estate by marketing directly to potential homebuyers. No longer using the MLS, we are able to charge sellers a drastically lower fee (saving them tens of thousands of dollars).

How do we do it? We have built a marketing system never been seen before in real estate that is truly integrated.

Omni-channel Marketing

If you have read any recent business news, chances are you have run across the phrase “integrated marketing”.

It refers to running coordinated campaigns across previously unconnected media to lift the performance of the individual channels (“the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” -Aristotle).

The continued shift of marketing from offline to online has resulted in media fragmentation at a level never before seen. Today, they still print newspapers, people still listen to terrestrial radio, and the mailman still delivers physical mail to your house.

But, now people also use search engines, are active in social media and visit vertical websites.

Market Where They Are

As the number of media consumers interacts with on a daily basis continues to increase, it has become increasingly important to advertise with message consistency, thoughtful cadence, and calculated frequency across a wide range of media.

Accomplishing this requires sophisticated technology, maybe even more than you might expect.

Running truly cross-channel integrated marketing involves user tracking, pixeling (cookie placement), real-time bidding, feed-based advertising, and lots of other things that have become buzzwords in the lexicon of modern marketing.

While some big retailers and online stores have already adopted this modern marketing mindset, the same can definitely not be said for traditional real estate.

Inhibited by a lack of expertise and budgets, real estate marketing has lagged far behind other industries. At REX, marketing is not an afterthought. It is a core capability.

Our integrated marketing combines offline media (like postcards, newspaper ads, and radio spots) with online media (Google search, Waze maps, Facebook and more) seamlessly, resulting in more than just an effective alternative to the MLS, but a viable replacement for it.

-Ari Sternberg, VP Marketing

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