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Leaders in Tech – Panee Segal, VP Sales & Business Operations

by Craig Barrett
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“Leaders in Tech…” is a Q&A series that highlights the dynamic REX executive team, leading the transformation of an industry that remains stuck in the past.

In this segment of “Leaders in Tech” we sit down with REX VP of Sales and Operations, Panee Segal.

  • What aspects of REX bring you the most joy? Our REXers — Being able to work with a talented group of professionals and together, bringing success to disrupting the real estate industry. It’s a very fulfilling feeling knowing that everything we do and everyone we interact with has a major impact on our mission. Also, we are so nimble and fast that it’s great to see the results of our efforts so quickly!
  • What’s the secret to being a strong leader at REX and how do you support the leadership team?  Recognizing the strengths of the individuals within the team and empowering them to drive towards solutions. This is their playground to make an impact and they have my full support to make it what they want. A leader is not about bossing people around but allowing people to pave the way that brings success to the whole company.
  • What does REX’s training program look like? Very tried and true. We’ve spent over a year iterating and improving. It’s really a 3-month process. Week one is about learning; we have a set curriculum that caters to the position the individual was hired for. Then we make sure they get paired up with a mentor to help with day-to-day support and tactics. Month one is about discovery and ramping up on our tools and processes. Month two is about identifying and seeing the cause-and-effects of our process. Month three is where we see people becoming proficient in their role and bringing efficiencies to the team. For a Customer Service Specialist, they are ready to interact with customers by day 5. For Agents, they are ready to take on offers and open escrow by week 3!
  • What advice would you give to moms who also want to advance their careers?  It’s about knowing your boundaries and what you’re passionate about. Make sure you take the time for family AND for yourSELF, you cannot be successful without your family and giving yourself time and space to mentally recharge. Then reflect upon what drives you and what you’re passionate about. Make a game plan on how to drive towards those goals and keep an open dialogue with your manager that includes timing and specific goals. Iterate through this as things can change with time. 
  • You seem to juggle a lot of things in your life, how do you stay so organized? Any secrets or tips you can share?  I use a combination of tech and old school methods such as a notebook. I remember important things better when I write them down. My notebook is tabbed by to do’s, check-in notes, and key project notes. On the tech side, I LOVE Gmail’s “snooze” feature to help me track emails that require follow-up. Calendar and tasks are also helpful.  I also organize my sync up and team agendas via google Doc and bookmark them in a folder for quick access. It’s about knowing what tools are available and leveraging them. Aside from tools, it’s also about having the mental agility. You have to like juggling things and multitasking.
  • What are you most passionate about at REX and how has REX helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?  I am most passionate about helping our consumers with their homeownership experience while also being able to grow my team in this mission. REX has pushed me professionally in the leadership realm and empowered me to be strategic and visionary when it comes to building a foundation for operational and customer excellence. 

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