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Leaders in Tech – Marcus Battle, VP Sales

by Craig Barrett
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“Leaders in Tech…” is a Q&A series that highlights the dynamic REX executive team, leading the transformation of an industry that remains stuck in the past.

In this segment of “Leaders in Tech” we sit down with REX VP of Sales, Marcus Battle.

How is REX a “full-service” brokerage when you don’t list on the MLS? 

MB: We are looking to re-define the term “Full Service” in real estate. The MLS is designed to guarantee commissions between realtors. Our full service starts by using data-backed digital marketing to advertise homes directly to buyers, not realtors. Then we provide sellers with a dedicated listing agent and a whole support team to guide them through the entire real estate transaction. This is all supported by technology that allows clients full visibility into the process of buying or selling their home. And because our salaried agents don’t spend time prospecting for more clients, they’re able to focus solely on providing a great customer experience. 

You have experience working at a traditional real estate brokerage. Why did you decide to make a move over to REX?

MB: REX was founded to deliver what buyers and sellers have been demanding for years: a faster, more transparent, lower-cost real estate transaction. The traditional real estate brokerage model has too many structural and financial constraints to be able to adapt to a new model. Operating outside of the MLS as one nationwide tech brokerage allows us to learn about customer needs faster and create products and services to address those needs quickly. So why did I switch? Because REX is in a position to change the way most important transactions a person ever has, the sale or purchase of a home. And that’s something I can stay excited to accomplish!

What training do REX agents need to go through? Are they licensed?

MB: REX Agents are licensed in the states they serve. Training for agents is highly specialized. Removing the burden of hunting for new clients allows us to focus specifically on the skills needed to take care of our customers. 

How do you keep up with all the latest sales and tech trends to stay ahead of the game?

MB: I don’t… Sales is one of the oldest professions in the world. There are hundreds of new books every year with the “newest” sales technique, yet customers ask and will always ask the same questions: Will your product/service help me? How much does it cost? And if I become a customer, will you treat me like I’m important? So, although our tech is very new school, the way to earn a human being’s business remains very, old school. We build rapport, demonstrate credibility, and earn their trust by providing excellent customer experience and valuable expertise during the sale or purchase of their home. And as far as tech trends, Makayla on our team, just added filters to my Gmail, and it’s changed my life. Thanks, Mak!

What is your style of influence?  How do you foster a positive company culture?

MB: Your guess is as good as mine! But ideally through actions. I try to lead by example. While we make a priority to communicate the vision and expectations for the REX culture clearly, I don’t think it’s necessary for a leader to always “speak” to the culture. I try my best to lead through our core values of striving for excellence, being trustworthy, caring genuinely for my team, and executing extremely fast. If I had to describe a “style of influence,” I’d say authentic, I keep it real.

You have a son about to go to college, what advice would you give him?

MB: My advice to him is DO NOT plan on moving back home, ever!! Because once he leaves, mama is turning his game room into full-blown New Orleans Saints Fan Cave. Sorry Jackson, you’re grown, bye-bye…. But seriously, he’s a good kid and does not need any more of my advice. I’ll be asking him for advice pretty soon.

REX aspires to provide the best customer experience, what is REX doing to achieve that?

MB: It would be easier to tell you what we were NOT doing to achieve that. There’s an on-going improvement project for every single interaction a customer has with our technology and our people. Providing sellers with dynamic data in their dashboard, making scheduling showing faster/easier, removing the need for a buyer to shop for homeowners insurance, providing a live Rex Home Loan rate in the offer form, automating showing feedback back to the seller… The list goes on and on. Because we are one nationwide tech brokerage, we can combine Data Science, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Operations to build an experience the customer is demanding. 

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