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From the Desk of…Kimberly Osgood

by Eric Rothman
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“From the Desk of…” is a blog series that details the work of individual REX team members.

These are first-person posts created to pull back the curtain on what it’s like to work at REX.

Today’s post is from Kimberly Osgood, REX Customer Relationship Manager.

After spending 16 years selling into the Multifamily industry, I stepped away and decided I needed to shake things up in my career.

Real estate had always been intriguing to me and I often had friends, coworkers, and clients mention that I should be selling real estate.

The thought always scared me as real estate has historically been a 100% commission based opportunity. I wasn’t sure that I was willing to take that risk living in San Diego where the cost of living Is staggering.

While on my hiatus and trying to figure out what would be the next step in my career, I had received my local 92130 Magazine in the mail.

I was aimlessly flipping through it glancing at every other page when I saw an ad that stopped my page-turning.

It was REX. Selling homes in San Diego starting at 2%! It wasn’t the offer that intrigued me at first, it was the actual ad.

The colors, font, layout, messaging. Having spent the past 20+ years in sales we all know that a good marketing team is vital to a company’s success.

The following day, I saw a job posting for a business development position in San Diego. I knew that this was it. REX was going to be my next step in my career.

Fast forward eight and a half months later, I am now a licensed Real Estate Agent in California working for REX and shaking things up in the real estate industry.

REX sells your home starting at 2% all-in. No hidden fees, gimmicks, short-cuts. We are a full-service agency that is with you from the listing agreement all the way through escrow.

Our clients save tens of thousands of dollars by selling with REX. We bypass the MLS so that our sellers avoid paying buy side commissions and keep more money in their pocket.

REX uses technology to find those buyers that are looking for your home. Buyers are more savvy than ever with the era of the internet. Buyers have access like never before to data.

They know where they want to live, the size of the home they are looking for, the upgrades that they desire and the price that they want to pay. REX can directly market to those buyers based on what they are searching for on the internet.

Heck, REX markets to buyers who don’t even know they are buyers yet! All of this technology ensures that we are finding the most buyers for your home, which enables REX to sell your home faster.

I truly enjoy that each day is different. I love hearing the stories and the history of our homes here in San Diego.

I have lived here all of my life and it is fascinating how many hidden gems are in our gorgeous city. It is exciting to share the story of REX and the vision that lies ahead. 

Sellers are excited to hear that there is a company that is on the side of the consumer. REX wants to protect your wealth! What will you do with your savings? Nice vacation, purchase an investment property, send your kids to college?

The possibilities are endless. I look forward to watching REX grow and continue to see the difference that we make in our seller’s lives.

-Kimberly Osgood

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