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The Importance of Accurate Pricing

by Eric Rothman
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Imagine this for a long weekend…

Friday – You list your home with REX

Saturday – Over 150 people are lined up around the block to view your open house

Sunday – Waiting in your inbox are 50 “indication of interest” offers on your home

Monday – You decide what offer to take and move into escrow for above your asking price

Price Matters

Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well this past weekend at a REX listing in New York, this was a reality.

Every time we meet with a potential seller, we always stress the importance of accurately pricing your home.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes sellers insist that their home is worth more than the market suggests.

While we understand that selling a home is often an emotional transaction, we know that in order to maximize the value of your home, accurate pricing is paramount.

Here are a few reasons why…

  • More Traffic – Inaccurate pricing is a turn-off. Even before a potential buyer reads the description of your home, they look at the price. If they don’t like it, they stop reading and move on. An accurate price draws people in. The more people are drawn in, the more people view your listing page, and the more people show up to your open house. More traffic = more offers.

  • More Offers – While it’s true that all it takes is one strong offer to sell a house, why wait around for just one offer? The more offers you get, the better. It allows you to truly see how the market is reacting to your home. Ultimately, the more offers you get, the more in control you are of the selling process.

  • Seller Control – With more offers, comes more control and choice for the seller. Instead of being backed into a corner with one or two offers, you are the one making the call on what offer works best for you and your family.

  • Fewer Days on Market – When you are in control, the selling process moves at your pace. The increase in traffic and offers leads to fewer days on market. This allows you to take the equity you earn from the sale of your home and apply it as you see fit. No waiting, no hassle.

Pricing your home accurately is the first step to selling your home. At REX, we pride ourselves on our ability to price homes fairly and sell them faster than those on the MLS.

To find out what your home is worth, and to see how much you can save with REX, visit rexhomes.com and speak with one of our experts.

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