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How to “Smartify” Your Kitchen

by Kindra Liang
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How many hours do you spend in your kitchen every day? Has it gone up since the start of the pandemic? How much time do you spend making your coffee, cooking your meals, cleaning up after yourself and/or family, and keeping your fridge and pantry stocked?  According to Morning Consult in this article, the most popular activity due to Covid restrictions is cooking at home.  Whether you know it or not, you are probably spending more time in your kitchen than ever before.

Luckily, the cooking and kitchen appliance industry has now taken advice from the world’s most successful tech entrepreneurs and innovators to make it easier than ever to have your appliances do the work for you!  Read along to see some of the newest products to elevate the IQ of your kitchenware!


Smart Mug: $99

Ever forced to chug your coffee/tea because of how quickly it cools off?  Well, now your mug can warm your liquid for you.  Sip that coffee throughout the morning. Enjoy the slow, sultry bliss of perfectly tempered coffee from your mug.  Installation is easy. It comes with a charging coaster and power adapter to make it easy to recharge!

Smart Toaster: $299

How long does it take you to toast? 5 minutes, 10 minutes? How often do you over or undercook the bread?  Now count to 15. That’s how long it takes to cook your toast to perfection, every time. No more wait, no more burnt bread and you get another fancy touch screen.

Lunch & Dinner

Smart Whisk: $25

Your whisking worries are no more. This smart whisk has a head that spins itself. Add a timer and you’ve got yourself the easiest whisker ever made.

Instant Smart Pot: $149.95

With this instant pot, you’ll save time both cooking and preparing to cook. In other words, not only does this Instant Pot cook your food very quickly, but, because it has wifi, it also gives you 1,000 plus pre-programmed recipes that you can just follow. No more reinventing the wheel. You can also hook it up to your Alexa and operate the device remotely.

Drop Scale: $150

The product looks odd and didn’t seem to make much sense at all, but…once I watched the CEO, Ben Harris, show how much he uses Drop Scale with his Drop app to make thousands of incredible recipes, it made sense.  You don’t have to worry about messing up your recipes anymore! The Drop scale can and will do this for you.


Touchless Soap Dispenser: $37.98

Clean your hands without having to touch anything dirty. Anyone who has handled raw meat knows just how dangerous/annoying this can be. With this soap dispenser, just wave your hand underneath the motion sensor. That’s it!

Sensate Kitchen Faucet With Voice-Activated Technology: $1,171.45

This voice-activated faucet will pour out exactly the amount of liquid you tell it to. No need to carefully measure or worry about over pouring. Just tell it what you want and it’ll give it to you. No questions asked.


Sprout LED: $76.99

Grow your veggies up to 5x faster with Sprout LED, get reminded when you need to water the plants, and finally enjoy making your own herbs and, ideally, garden.

Genican: $149.99

Install this little wireless, voice-activated device to your trash can.  From there, anytime you throw something away, scan the barcode and have Genican automatically order groceries you are throwing away and need to replace.

LG InstaView Smart Fridge: $3,699

This fridge identifies your favorite food types, how stocked it is, and will do the work to order new groceries when necessary. It’s pricey but will save you a lot of time and money with the inevitable mistakes grocery shoppers are all too familiar with.

There you have it. It’s never been easier to set your kitchen up to do a lot of food-related busy work. Now you can focus on enjoying cooking, not on the tedium of maintaining a kitchen!

Article by Pedro Robinson, REX

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