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How to Incorporate Warm Colors in Your Home

by Kindra Liang
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Most of us have become all too familiar with staying home these days. With rising concerns surrounding the pandemic and as summer temps continue to soar, we’re finding ourselves inside more than ever. An easy way to infuse new life into your space is to incorporate a rich, warm color palette. By simply refreshing your textiles, art, accessories, or floral arrangements with these rich hues, you’ll instantly create a space that is both comfortable & attractive. Plus, adding these colors can also help your bottom line when it comes time to sell. Zillow’s Paint Color Analysis report shows that homes with warm undertones see almost $3,000 in increased value.

So, what does it actually mean and look like to decorate your home with warm tones? According to London based design firm, Moretti Interior Design “warm colors go from the yellow to red range, reminding us of heat and sunshine, intense emotions and passion, joy and playfulness. They can be stimulating, so they are a great choice for social rooms like the living room, dining room, and kitchen.” These warm tones also attract attention and are generally perceived as energetic and full of positive energy, which is something we could all use a little more of! Consider the following seven easy tips when integrating warm tones into your own interior design style.

1. Make Your Sofa or Armchair the Focal Point

One of the fastest ways to work a warm color into your color palette is to turn it into a statement piece. Escape your comfort zone and go for a bold burnt ochre, deep raspberry, or feminine blush. Furniture and interior designer, Reagan Hayes, makes an important point. “If everything is special then nothing is special,” says Hayes. “If you’re trying to let one piece be a statement, keep other things smaller or less ornate.” Here, a classic Chesterfield sofa in bold red leather brings instant personality to this otherwise dark, masculine space.

2. Inject Warm Tones Through Art

Whether you’re introducing warm tones through wall art of using them as a way to give a subtle nod to your larger statement pieces, the addition of artwork is an easy way to add visual interest and personalize your space. Creating a gallery wall is an inexpensive way to introduce color without breaking the bank on expensive art pieces. If you find yourself stuck at home with the kids, let them try their hands at creating beautiful watercolor paintings. It’s a fun afternoon activity and you’ll end up with a cherished work of art to hang on your wall.

3. Wrap Your Walls in Color

Maybe you’re ready to go all in and paint your living room a rich shade of coral or copper, but if that sounds a little too farfetched, consider painting or using peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a fun accent wall. This will serve as a warm backdrop and make your more neutral furniture pieces really pop. Warm paint colors are the most desirable neutrals in home decorating, and they range far beyond just beige and taupe. Warm colors can include beautiful shades of rust, red, and brown. The darkest warm paint colors are ideal for accent walls, dining rooms, family rooms, and front doors. Most importantly, don’t forget to sample any paint color you are considering. Sampling your potential paint color choice is the easiest way to recognize undertones that might not be right for your space.

4. Use Rugs with Bold, Warm Colors

Not ready to commit to painting the walls? Consider bringing warmth to your space on the floor instead! Warm shades like red and orange can be brought in through large scale textiles like area rugs. Chose a rug with a fun pattern rather than a large color-blocked design to add texture and keep it from becoming too overpowering. Celebrity interior designer and design blogger, Justina Blakeney, loves bold, graphic textured rugs. If you’re ready to break out of a design rut or are trying to incorporate more color into your look, a rug like this is fun to experiment with. 

5. Revamp Your Textiles

Here at REX we believe you can NEVER have too many throw pillows! Without a doubt, the easiest and most cost-effective way to test out integrating new warm tones into your decorating scheme is to rotate decorative pillows and cozy throws throughout the seasons. This is a great way to find out what colors suit your style without too much commitment. Whether your style is boho or more traditional, don’t be afraid to go bold with your accent pieces!

6. Go for the Gold

Adding accessories and special décor items can personalize a space, but also add warmth and texture to any room. Integrating metallic finishes like gold, bronze, and copper into your design can instantly elevate any look while simultaneously acting as a neutral, allowing you to easily reuse your favorite metallic accessories year after year!

7. Flowers Never Fail

Having fresh flowers in your home not only serves as some serious eye candy, but research shows they also have the potential to reduce stress, boost your mood, and filter the air! As if that wasn’t enough they’re a great help if you’re studying for an exam or preparing for a big project as was found by Raanaas, Evensen, Rich, Sjostrom, and Patil, who discovered that flowers could even improve your cognitive performance if they were present in your workspace. If zero-maintenance florals are more your speed, there are plenty of artificial plants on the market that look like the real thing. Dried foliage like Pampas grass or Amaranth are other great options with minimal upkeep.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember when it comes to decorating your home is to choose pieces and colors that make you feel good and provide a comfortable, safe space to rejuvenate and be with your loved ones.

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