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How REX Works

by Eric Rothman
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Buying or selling a house with REX really is this simple.

  1. List, Seek, and Find.

Home sellers sign a listing agreement and REX provides them with a custom home valuation, dedicated concierge, and a professional photo shoot. REX then markets the listing to a qualified set of buyers. Buyers peruse REX listings and set up home tours and ask questions by communicating directly with sellers. Buyers also have access to a concierge.

  1. Make an Offer.

Interested buyers send direct offers to sellers. Once an offer is agreed upon, REX guides both parties through all the paperwork (handled digitally) and necessary steps to close on a home. No detail is overlooked.

  1. Buy and Sell.

It’s time to pop the cork! The home seamlessly changes ownership. The seller pays a 1 percent fee on the final sale price of the home (as opposed to the traditional 6 percent fee), allowing both buyer and seller to reap the financial benefits of the REX real estate model.

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