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How REX Makes The Home Buying Experience Better

by Eric Rothman
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For those looking to buy a home, REX offers the best residential real estate experience on the market. Only REX directly connects homebuyers and sellers to create a transparent, open and, yes, even enjoyable home buying experience.

With instant access to professional photographs of every home listed, you’ll know exactly what to expect before you schedule a showing. Comprehensive information about the neighborhood along with the home’s recent sale prices and nearby comparable sales is also included.

It’s simple to go from loving a home on REX to seeing it for yourself. Just check the home’s calendar for showing dates. The seller either approves or denies the request, and both parties agree to a showing date and time. Homebuyers attend the showing with their personal REX concierge. In addition, you can also communicate directly (and anonymously if you wish) with the seller via REX messaging.

Another benefit of REX is that homebuyers work with their own personal REX Concierge who can be reached via chat, phone, text, or email any time. Every detail from offer to escrow to closing is carefully explained. When it’s time to make an offer, REX technology facilitates that too. Homebuyers submit their offer directly on the REX digital platform, and offers are delivered immediately. Both parties then respond and can chat in real time with messages saved for review. REX takes care of all the paperwork.

A REX broker or agent reviews all REX legal documents, and REX provides an attorney to review the transaction. If there are rate legal complications, homebuyers and sellers can choose their attorneys from a list of REX suggestions. This process means that both REX homebuyers and sellers can be confident that their interests are being represented.

Another REX bonus: All forms are signed and handled electronically, so it’s possible to buy a home remotely (no need to cancel that vacation!). As well, sellers on the REX network pay just one percent of the sale price, compared with the six percent commission traditional agents charge. Homebuyers can rightly expect that some of those savings will be passed on to them. Buying a home on REX offers value in a technologically forward environment where the consumer is in control.

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