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Helping build homes for families in need

by Eric Rothman
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Giving back to the less fortunate is a key component to the mission of REX.  While we pride ourselves on helping buy and sell homes, we are equally as committed to building homes for those who do not have them.

Family REX helped with a home.

As part of REX’s social mission, we have partnered with World Housing and Cambodian Children’s Fund to build homes for the homeless in Cambodia.  

For every 50 homes REX sells here in the U.S., we contribute one to a family in need.  

On top of that, REX employees have pledged to contribute a portion of the wealth they personally receive to provide homes and education for those who need them.

Home REX built for a family in need

It has been extremely rewarding to see the impact REX’s work has had on these people’s lives.  

We are eager to share our mission and expand the possibilities of these contributions.

Award REX received for it's social causes.

See the inspiration for the project, as well as the families we have helped at our social mission page.

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