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For Sale By Owner: How to Sell Your House

by Craig Barrett
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If you’ve ever wanted to put your home on the market, you’ve likely faced the classic homeowner’s dilemma: should you sell it yourself, or should you use a real estate agent? 

Selling your home is a complicated, laborious task full of difficult decisions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by the prospect of doing it all on your own, take a deep breath and picture yourself on the other side of the “sold” sign. There is an easier way.

The term FSBO, or ‘for sale by owner,’ has no doubt crossed your radar as a homeowner. And while selling your home yourself does have its perks, you are far more likely to benefit by working with an experienced real estate professional. 

But let’s take a deeper dive to learn more. 

The Pros and Cons of FSBO

So you’ve decided you want to skip the real estate agent and sell your home on your own. What’s the cost-benefit analysis?

  • Make more money. For most sellers, the main reason to avoid dealing with a real estate agent is to save money. Many homeowners elect to sell on their own terms, which can end up saving thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in commissions. But is it even possible to negotiate a good deal without the help of an agent? It might be easier said than done.
  • Total control over the process. When you sell your own home, you get to be the boss. You are in charge of pricing, negotiating, and selecting the right buyer. For the savvy seller, this could be ideal, but you’ll be losing out on a professional’s valuable contributions.
  • You are your own top priority. You’ll never play second fiddle to a real estate agent’s other clients. There’s no waiting around for responses, and you can show the home as often as you like, whenever you want. 

Those all sound like good reasons to sell your own home, but there are two sides to every story. Here are some of the cons of FSBO:

  • You might not be saving as much as you think. There’s a reason real estate agents get a commission. They have knowledge that the average person lacks, and without it, it might be challenging to turn a profit on a home. This expertise includes the value of your home as well as the skills and connections necessary to market it.
  • Marketing and selling a home is hard. You need time, energy, know-how, and connections to make this transaction work for you. Pricing your home too low can make you an easy target for real estate bargain hunters, but pricing too high can mean that your house sits on the market for ages. From assessing and repairing the home, staging, photography, creating an attractive listing, hosting open houses, wrangling calls from prospective buyers, filling out paperwork, and weighing all the options in the effort to get the best possible deal, selling a home yourself can be a full-time job. 

What If There Was A Third Option?

If you don’t feel comfortable selling your home yourself but aren’t sure that hiring a real estate agent is the way to go either, there is another solution. REX offers a better, safer, and faster way to sell your property.

What is REX?

REX is not your average real estate brokerage. Our roster of qualified in-house real estate agents work directly for you, the homeowner. Our agents are salaried, so their primary motivation is to represent your wishes and achieve the best possible results.

When REX helps you sell your home, you’re not just a number, you’re our priority. Our agents help you navigate the waters of selling your property before, during, and after the transaction.

They are here to support you and will act as a valued member of your team as you list and sell. Not only will they take the strain off by handling the majority of the heavy lifting, but they’re also trained to answer your questions, offer advice, and assist with paperwork – all things that a conventional real estate agent would do, minus the fees.

With You Every Step of the Way

Throughout the process, your REX agent will work alongside you as you prepare to list. First, they will assess your home in-person to help you determine the optimal selling price. Keep in mind, our agents are well-versed in local real estate market trends.

With plenty of experience under their belt, they come well-equipped with the best information to help you set a fair price and will always consider how much profit you would like to make on the sale.

How We Save You Money

You might be wondering, with this level of quality, professional assistance, how can REX afford to keep its fees so low? 

REX’s special algorithm eliminates the need for traditional listing methods like MLS. MLS is the popular spot for real estate agents to hunt for listings because it protects the agent’s commission fees and even offers its own commission fees in an attempt to motivate agents and buyers to use their site—fees that can drive up the final cost of putting your home on the market. 

For example, with a typical real estate agency, you end up paying between 5-6% of the final selling price of the property. With REX, you only pay a fee starting at 2%, a difference that could mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings. 

Leveraging Technology to Bring You Value

Our team knows that in today’s tech-savvy world, almost every single real estate transaction begins on the web. Gone are the days of finding the perfect property in the newspaper or driving by an open house; if you want to get in the game, you’ve got to be ready to move fast and reach home buyers where they lurk. 

REX leaves nothing to chance. Using state-of-the-art technology, we identify qualified buyers online and present them to you directly. The results speak for themselves. 

In conclusion, listing with REX takes the stress out of selling your home. If you want to be in control of your home sale without forgoing the expertise a real estate professional can provide, REX could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Reach out today to see how we can help you achieve the best possible results from your home sale. 

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