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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

by Eric Rothman
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You want to sell your house. You’ve looked at the comps, you’ve researched other listings, and you think you are ready to move forward with the selling process.  

For many, finding a real estate agent is the next step.  

But, what is the difference between finding any real estate agent vs. finding the right real estate agent?  We asked REX Customer Relations Director Mike Vinci to tell us why working with REX is different than working with just any old real estate agent.

What Makes a Great REX Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent is responsible for one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever make. They’re an advocate, a counselor and a partner.

Our agents are passionate about how REX is changing the real estate industry and the value this company is bringing to our clients. We believe that using technology to make the selling and buying experience better and more efficient has greater meaning than making big commissions- and is more sustainable.

REX Agents Work on Salary, Not on Commission

Most brokerages, including all the large ones whose names you know, hire real estate agents as independent contractors. Agents are typically paid a commission based on the sale price of the property.

They are paid nothing if the home does not sell. REX agents are employees who earn a steady salary, benefits, and have a stake in the success of our company. They are incentivized to earn your satisfaction, not a commission.

REX Is On A Mission

The old way to buy and sell your home is, well, old. Working with REX to sell your home includes all the benefits of a full-service broker combined with deep online marketing expertise.

One exception- we don’t use the MLS. Last time we checked, the internet had 3 billion users. The MLS, not so many. And the MLS targets Realtors. Listing on the MLS adds another 2.5-3 percent charge for the seller. We can save you that line item right there.

We target real, live homebuyers. REX uses digital and traditional marketing strategies to optimize the number of eyes on your home.

How? By assigning a dedicated marketing specialist to each of our clients. And by driving traffic to your listing through our advanced data science techniques.

REX handles everything for both sides for as little as 2%. Other full-service real estate brokers will charge you a 5 to 6% commission. Ultimately, we sell your home faster and put more money in your pocket than a traditional real estate agent would.

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