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From the Desk of…Danielle Dufenhorst

by Eric Rothman
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“From the Desk of…” is a blog series that details the work of individual REX team members.

These are first-person posts created to pull back the curtain on what it’s like to work at REX. Today’s post is from Danielle Dufenhorst, REX Customer Experience Representative.

I have been with REX since the beginning of 2017. I applied as a Sales and Marketing Intern while finishing out my senior year at Pepperdine University in Malibu, trying to gain some exposure and experience in the real world working environment.

To be honest, I wanted to use REX as a mere stepping stone to foster my chances at making it in the real world, a simple resume booster. I had no intentions of staying in the Real Estate industry.

I was attracted to the flashiness of ‘join an emerging start-up tech-company’ slogan that millennials like myself flock to.

When I walked through the doors of the prior office we occupied, I thought I honestly was in the wrong place. I awkwardly introduced myself as the new intern as pairs of eyes starred up from their work.

They all responded with warm welcomes and then immediately refocused on their work. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into and questioned if this was the right place for me.

Long story short, I haven’t left. I love not only the work and mission REX is trying to achieve, but I thrive in the environment and with the people that encompass the company.

I am now the Customer Experience Representative who has one task; to deliver exceptional and better service to our clients who have been burned by the current customer service in this industry.

I have been able to develop and grow and REX has given me the opportunity to become a licensed real estate agent in California.

I have gained a family who not only support REX’s goal of changing an untouched industry, but also who support me and my individual growth.

REX’s vision for the real estate industry is disruptive, challenging, and at times seems nearly impossible. But, we as a team, are doing things people said never could be done.

We have been disrupting, evolving, and succeeding in this industry. We have set the bar higher for customer experience in an industry that has suffered from the absence of complete dedication to the consumer.

We have produced results faster than the industry average. And unlike most start-ups, we are making an impact within a short time of being operational and intend to stay for the long haul.

Looking back to when I was an intern walking into an office space that was more of a storage room, I couldn’t have never been more wrong.

REX has been more than a stepping stone, but rather a launching pad for my career, my personal growth, and vision for what the future can look like.

I have been challenged to be faster, better, and more intentional. It has been so exciting to see the company grow in the past eight months (wow, still feels surreal) but it is even more exciting to look towards the future.

We have launched in New York and we will be taking Florida by storm in the Fall. It rattles my mind that this has/will be happening within the first year of working here.

None of my fellow Pepperdine alumni are as excited as I am talking about their post-grad job. But then again, they don’t work at REX.

-Danielle Dufenhorst

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