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Customer Review: Seller in West Hills, CA

by Eric Rothman
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Sold a Single Family home for approximately $675K in West Hills, CA with REX

by Gordon Currie

“My wife and I have just sold two separate properties with REX and we could not be more pleased! Without a doubt, the folks at REX are the best.

To give some context, my wife and I have bought and sold 12 houses between us over the years. We have worked with a variety of real estate agencies and individual agents in two countries during these exchanges paying thousands of dollars in commission for their services along the way. But times have changed in the MLS and the Internet age. Probably like most people, we found ourselves doing plenty of our own work researching the real estate market and seeking out homes that would suit us (when buying) and pricing out houses and our neighborhood (when selling) through the use of various web sites.

Initially, the financial burden of sellers having to set aside 5% to 6% commission from the sale of our houses to pay for (both) a buyer’s and our seller’s realtor is what drew our attention to REX. The business model REX has come up with is quite brilliant. Their way of doing business makes the most sense and seems to have brought the real estate world into the 21st century.

At first, my wife and I were concerned that if we used REX we would not receive the “service” and we may not get the market exposure our properties needed in order to alert potential buyers, generate interest, and garner legitimate offers.

However, these initial concerns turned out to be unfounded. Within weeks of REX putting the houses up for sale, both our properties received multiple offers! One house sold for exactly what we asked with the process moving along smoothly. The other sold for way more than our asking price, actually breaking a neighborhood record!

From the initial consultation where we spoke about how the company works, timing, and our house pricing, to the photography, the Internet release using of various sites including the classy site developed by REX, and the overall sales strategy, these folks really know their stuff. I have not received any better service anywhere. The communication with everyone was clear, no nonsense, and positive. The photography was amazing. The follow up was always responsive. Quite frankly, because of the folks at REX, we have thousands of dollars in our pockets that we can use for our next purchase. And I mean thousands. I also believe that the buyers of both properties are happy as well.”

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