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Cultural Matters

by Craig Barrett
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REX is experiencing tremendous growth and success. A critical part of what is making us successful is our unique culture.  Our people are the most important part of REX. And a home is the most important asset in a person’s life. Home is the place where families come together in an atmosphere of warmth, affection and security.

My hope is that the core REX values of trust, excellence and care will help our employees make the day-to-day decisions that lead to their personal success, career success, our continued success as a team, and most importantly, the fulfillment of the dreams of our customers. 

Jack Ryan, founder & CEO REX


REX has big goals. Achieving them requires strong core values that guide everything we do and a culture that defines the manner in which we work together. As an industry pioneer, we are setting new standards in the marketplace – for service, innovation, integrity, professionalism, drive, consumer happiness, and social good for those children who do not have access to homes and schools. 

Achieving these goals requires an amazing culture, one that puts our values of trust, commitment to excellence and caring at the core of how we conduct business day-to-day. They also form the foundation for hiring, encouraging and rewarding great people. 


    • DEFINE THE NEW NORMAL…by being bold and revolutionary. We take leaps, learn from failure and redefine what’s possible.
    • DO WHAT’S RIGHT…by operating with integrity. Integrity is the basis for the good things we do for consumers, our team, the communities we serve, and the world.
    • STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE…by taking pride in everything we do. Seek opportunities to learn, to leverage the skills of our team, and always drive to be better.
  • CARE
    • CARING MAKES FOR GREAT EXPERIENCES…by taking pride in caring for our customers, we delight them and exceed their expectations. 
    • CARING ELEVATES OUR TEAM…by communicating openly and purposefully, we support one another and are accountable to one another, We foster relationships and celebrate our collective success. 

REX offers its staff amazing latitude to learn new skills, solve interesting problems and grow with the company as it expands geographically and adds new businesses. Interested in joining our team? Click here to learn more.

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