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Podcast Preview: Diana Nelson

by Eric Rothman
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REX is excited to announce it’s new podcast Down to Business. 

We’ve all heard the saying success isn’t granted, it’s earned. Sounds simple enough.

But, what they don’t tell you about is the countless hours of tinkering, the sleepless nights bemoaning even the smallest decisions, and the decades of trial and error that go into earning that success.

Down to Business is a unique interview show that delves into the stories, ideas, and thoughts of some of the world’s most successful people in business, finance, entrepreneurship, technology, and investing.

Instead of focusing on where they are now, we focus on how our guests got there; how they went from the sales floor to the boardroom, the people and decisions that helped them along the way, and the nights where they were curled up in the fetal position with a glass of Merlot wondering if they had just ruined it all. Real life stories that have led to real life success.

Full episodes will be released soon, but in the meantime, check out a preview of our first episode with Diana Nelson, Chair of Carlson, the global hospitality and travel company.

In the clip, Diana discusses the decision to sell Carlson Hotels, a portion of the business that had been in the family since her grandfather started Radisson Hotels in 1962.

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