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From the Desk of…Panee Segal

by Eric Rothman
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“From the Desk of…” is a blog series that details the work of individual REX team members. These are first-person posts created to pull back the curtain on what it’s like to work at REX. Today’s post is from Panee Segal, Sr. Manager, Sales & Business Operations.


These are the words you hear daily from Jack, REX’s passionate CEO & Co-Founder. These are also the words REXers live by in everything we do.

Panee Headshot
Panee Headshot

I started with REX in May and my focus has been to bring operational- and customer-effectiveness to the business. Prior to that, I was in automotive technology, leading a dealer operations team of 50 people.

After 12 years, I decided to make a move professionally.

I was eager for a change in my career, growth, and a positive environment—one where I would learn new things and grow, but also one where I could make a positive impact all around.

I found all of those at REX, and I have not looked back.

At REX, I am contributing to positively disrupting the real estate industry, which is overdue for a makeover. I am excited and proud to be part of this disruption.

I am also working with a team of talented, motivated, and smart REXers. We are all in this together in this mission of disruption.

The environment is fast-paced. The culture is people-first. We are defining the new normal, being bold and fast, and learning quickly from failures.  Hence, “FAST, FAST, FAST!”

In my short time at REX, I feel like I’ve accomplished at least a year’s worth of work and that’s an amazing feeling! 

I get to collaborate with various teams to bring increased customer experience and operational efficiencies to the forefront.

Being in meetings where we discuss an opportunity or problem and walk away with actionable next steps, with the expectation that they are to be implemented ASAP is the norm.

I also appreciate working in an environment where taking risks and not being afraid to fail are ingredients to success. It’s how we blaze the trail of innovation in the real estate tech space.

Every day I get to try out new tools, test new ideas, and roll-out new processes in a moment’s notice. And very quickly I can see if these efforts yield positive results or new findings that require adjustments in our process.

Lastly, I know that all my hard work and efforts are going to a greater cause. Not only are we empowering home buyers and sellers, we also donate homes to families in need. So with that, I am proud to be a fellow REXer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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