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From the Desk of…Bryan Starck

by Eric Rothman
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When I first encountered REX, I had no desire to work at a startup.

In fact, before my last year at Pepperdine University, I made a commitment to land a post-graduation position in management consulting – the very ideal of a prestigious corporate job. And I was prepared to do anything it took to get there.

I worked hard month after month, sending out countless resumes, scheduling more informational meetings than I can remember, and practicing mock interviews for hours every week.

All of this, because I believed consulting would provide the kind of professional exposure, challenging work, and dynamic culture I couldn’t get anywhere else.

It was during this period that I stumbled upon a job posting for a part-time internship at REX.

The company looked interesting, but mostly, I applied as a way to fill some extra time in my schedule and gain additional experience while continuing my job search. I certainly did not intend for it to be a long-term role.

Turns out, I was dead wrong.

Long story short, I walked into my interview thinking I would never stay at REX. I left thinking this company was about to change the world.

Since that first interview, that belief has only been validated. I have witnessed REX trail-blaze into many new territories first-hand, and have had the privilege of being part of that effort in a very literal sense.

During my time at REX, I have moved from a part-time internship to helping lead business development for our first out-of-state market launch here in New York as our Customer Relationship Manager.

At REX, where you start is not where you stay.

However, working for this company is not for the faint of heart. Every day, you are encouraged to take risks, go faster than you think is possible, and do things that everybody else says can’t be done.

No process or plan is impervious to change if a better path is discovered, especially if it moves us towards creating even more amazing customer experiences.

This attitude requires courage and adaptability, but so does anything truly worth doing.

My current role here is so different than what I pictured myself doing at this stage. Thankfully, it is much more rewarding.

I love meeting with homeowners here in New York, hearing their stories, and helping them save thousands of dollars in fees all while having the best selling experience.

At REX, I have everything I thought I wanted from a job in consulting – complex and challenging work, daily problem-solving, and a culture that constantly challenges me to go above and beyond.

And the best part – I wake up everyday knowing that our work is making people’s lives better.

At REX, you have an opportunity to make a difference, not only in the company, but in the lives of our customers.

And I am excited to be helping write the story how the Real Estate industry changed for the better.

-Bryan Starck

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