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Bloomberg Article Highlights REX’s Virtual Reality

by Eric Rothman
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Bloomberg invited their millions of readers to take a virtual tour of one of our more recent listings, a $57.5 million dollar beach home in Malibu. 

Malibu’s crystal shores draw people from Shanghai, Moscow, New York, and Dubai. “The only way you can sell a house like this is have them walk through it, either physically or virtually,” said Jack Ryan, Co-Founder of REX.

REX is a digitally advanced real estate company so this VR tour is just part of the campaign to market and sell his home. “The VR component will accompany physical Google Cardboard viewers that we will send to a targeted list of potential buyers,” commented Ryan.

VR creates presence—the sense of being immersed in time and space regardless of your actual location. Effects, film artists and engineers from Legend Pictures stitched together photos, video, animation, and interactivity to create scenes that allow you to suspend reality and enter into this spectacular home.

The experience is built for smartphones, and is even better with a VR headset or Google Cardboard, but can also be viewed on a desktop.

Standard real estate websites cannot convey the way the beach rolls outside your windows or the ambiance of relaxing by the pool quite like VR. As a passive observer, you merely witness; with VR, you’re sitting by the fireplace.

See the virtual reality experience here:


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