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REX Success Story – The Bird Family

by Eric Rothman
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Buying and selling a home shouldn’t be an experience you dread. While saving our clients money is important, we are just as concerned with ensuring a great experience.

The hard work and dedication of REX employees are often highlighted by glowing reviews and letters of appreciation. The Bird Family moved from Austin to San Diego with the help of REX.

They sold their home, bought a new home, got a mortgage, and insured their home and cars, all through REX! Check out their story…

Wow, So i started off being very cynical of the 2% claim… but it’s true. So if you’re reading this you’re thinking the service wasn’t as good… I have sold twice in the last 5 years paying 6% each time to a very nice real estate agent, who chatted to me about things and we spent hours in cars going places together.

REX’s agents are clear, concise and to the point, giving the same – if not better – service to you on the sale of the house.

Marcus in Austin was so accommodating and respectful of our needs it really helped moving with babies doable.

We thought things had gone so well (with an offer in 2 showings…) that we asked if I could buy in San Diego through them… ‘Yes, they said and they’d give me half of the commission they made if I bought through them.’ I signed up!

Mark Chavez is awesome over there (in San Diego), he helped us find the place (remotely) he went out of his way to help us get answers and check out other details (Having not met), picked me up from the airport and showed me houses we liked in a whirlwind trip in, so so helpful.

Sometime before Mark did the walk-thru for us he mentioned REX Home Loans.. my ‘finance guy’ at an online mortgage place, was confusing me each time I talked to him and throwing out so many different numbers, I had no idea if I was about to be ripped off, so I talked to the REX guys to try and get some clarity.

Got it and turned it around in record time to get the approvals and ready for closing, Michelle at REX Home Loans is so helpful!

It got better, REX does insurance…we did house and cars / great deal. A huge benefit was the fact that everyone talked to each other to get things done.

So we did really well and saved so much through all this… but the people were really what got us through this.

Even when we had a scare with our daughter we got a care basket (very well received Cuddly Bears for each) through the mail. Thank you REX team for all your help!”

-The Bird Family

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