REX can’t get you into Tony Stark’s mansion, the Flintstones’ house or the Bates Motel, but we can promise you a dramatically better outcome when selling your house; you’ll make more because we take less, in fact our commission is 2/3 less than a traditional agent’s. No fooling.

We’ve been around for three years and are a full-service brokerage operating in 17 major US markets (Yes in Malibu. No, not in Fairvale, that’s a fictional town). We’re harnessing new technology to take the stress and confusion out of buying and selling homes and our transaction-total commission is just 2% compared to the 6% charged by most traditional brokers.

So, what’s the catch? There is no catch.

By using big data and machine learning, REX is able to price homes more accurately and target them to qualified buyers through Zillow, Google, Facebook, Trulia and more. Our team of licensed agents are salaried and incentivized to do a great job from listing to close, instead of just grabbing a quick commission. And we make home buying and selling uniquely simpler by offering escrow, titling, mortgage and insurance, all in one place and at competitive rates.

Give us a call to find out more at 855-342-4739!

posted by Eric Rothman

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