Throughout his career, Alan Wexler has guided Publicis.Sapient through a range of important strategic phases: From the early dot com days and the birth of digital marketing; through to mobile, where he launched and led the organization’s first Mobile Practice in 2000; and onward into the evolution of omni-channel and the move to digital transformation. Alan joined Down to Business to discuss his role of CEO of Publicis.Sapient and how he has navigated through the digital revolution to grow and sustain the business.

Down to Business is a unique interview show that delves into the stories, ideas, and thoughts of some of the world’s most successful people in business, finance, entrepreneurship, technology, sports, and investing. Instead of focusing on where they are now, we focus on how our guests got there; how they went from the sales floor to the boardroom, the people and decisions that helped them along the way, and the nights where they were curled up in the fetal position with a glass of Merlot wondering if they had just ruined it all. Real life stories that have led to real life success.

posted by Eric Rothman

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