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Is Your Agent Hiding Your Dream Home?

by Eric Rothman
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You’ve finally made the decision to buy a new home. You have been perusing the internet and the perfect property just came on the market. Time to schedule a showing!

But, there’s a problem.

The agent who has been “helping” you shop around for a new home won’t show you this home. How come?

The Hidden Truth about Commissions

Well, according to Realtor.com, the agent won’t show you the home because they won’t make any commission.

That’s right, Realtor.com says, “in an ideal world, buyers’ agents would show them every property in their price range, regardless of commission, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.”

So, the agent would rather you miss out on your dream home than miss out on his commission check.

While the real estate industry continues to evolve with technology and data, traditional agent commissions remain high.

Instead of adapting to the 21st century, Realtors would rather convince you that, “a higher commission can often justify itself in the sense that you can reel in tons of buyers, and (hopefully) spark a bidding war that’ll fetch top dollar.”

REX doesn’t view it that way

By charging as low as 2% total, not the 6% traditional agents charge, REX “reels in” tons of buyers directly and without overcharging.

We believe our job is not to convince you to pay a higher commission, but rather to show you that you can expect the same level of service and efficiency for a lower price.

Homebuyers and sellers are getting smarter and realizing that they are giving up valuable equity in their home to pay for agent commissions.

Even Realtor.com concedes that they are charging high commissions while simultaneously not showing certain properties because their wallet would be a little lighter.

While an agent’s responsibility should be to get the best deal and best home for every client, clearly, it’s more about the paycheck.

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