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About Us

by Craig Barrett
About Us

We Are Changing the Way People Buy and Sell Homes

Over the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the way we live, from booking travel to watching movies, and from paying taxes to banking.

Online transactions are faster, cheaper to execute, more convenient and generally more secure. Residential real estate, by contrast, remains stuck in a high-cost business model that pre-dates the Internet and remains stubbornly resistant to change.

Harnessed properly, technology can help a lot – already, nearly 90% of consumers looking for a home go to sites like Zillow or Google to find and eventually select the properties that best suit their needs.

Our Mission

We created REX in 2015 to bring residential real estate into line with today’s expectations by using AI and big data to push past the outmoded practices of traditional real estate brokers to provide a superior outcome for both buyers and sellers at one-third the cost.

So how does REX do it? We use data modeling and machine learning to match sellers and buyers of homes as accurately and speedily as possible on Zillow, Google, Facebook and more.

And by doing that, we can reduce costs for all involved – REX covers both sides of the transaction with a total seller fee as low as 2%, instead of the 5-6% traditional agents charge.

How REX is Different

Unlike traditional brokers, REX licensed agents are salaried and incentivized to satisfy customers rather than to just close transactions in pursuit of a fast commission.

Our team partners with sellers and buyers from listing to close, and shares with them the information they need via an easy-to-use web dashboard.

REX is uniquely designed to simplify all of the moving parts, helping consumers with escrow, titling, service connections, mortgage, and insurance shopping and keeps securely in the hands of the buyers and sellers all of the data related to the home and legal and financial information related to the transactions.

Our Service Area

REX now services homes across Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington DC. We continue to grow geographically, as well as with services offered. Stay tuned to see where REX is headed to next!

Our Goal

REX is bringing home transaction fees way down – enabling consumers to use that money as they see fit – and using technology to make the buying and selling of homes convenient and transparent instead of stressful and complex.

To learn more about how REX sees the future of the US residential real estate market, please click here

Every REX home sold helps build a home for people in need.